Eden Motel

In the wilds of New Mexico, a strange motel welcomes some extraordinary visitors. Strolling through the motel museum’s "Garden of Eden" with their Curator host; engaging in hilarious discussions, or moments of passion, in the motel lobby; hiking over the dry landscape with its dunes and rattlesnakes the guests confront their most intimate selves, and each other.

It falls to Marly, the black desk clerk, in her last hours of life, to glimpse, through the Curator's vision, both the human understanding that could save and Nature's mechanism which must doom the human race.

The reviewers say:

"... Skillful interweaving of human psychologies ... very well written; the language is taut and vibrant, the humor terse and sharp.  Nina Galen is an author of whom we shall hear more in the future."

— The Santa Fe Reporter

"... Carefully constructed and obviously the result of a wealth of scholarship and uncommon good judgment.  Readers think and enjoy themselves at the same time."

— New Mexico Magazine

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