The Real Moi

(A young adult novel)

Sylvia nearly swallowed her cigarette when I told her my divorced dad was taking me to France to help him research a book — along with his young girlfriend, Tara.  Syl said France would change the bookish unpopular me into the real moi, and teach me about sex.

By the time we reached our rental house lost in the countryside of Provence, dad and I were at each other's throats.  Along the way we'd passed an airfield and saw a glider landing.  I'd always been a complete coward, but learning to fly was to become my passion.

A lot happened that summer.  I met Marc, the gorgeous tow pilot, who made Sylvia's prophesy come true, and Gerard, who buzzed our house with his navy jet, infuriating my dad.  Goudron, the head of the gliding center, believing women shouldn't be pilots, made my life a complete misery.  But I wasn't deterred, not even when I saw someone I knew killed in a glider/tow plane collision.

One terrible day, freaked out by my dad, Goudron, and events, I took destiny into my own hands.

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