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Nina Galen was born in Greenwich Village and grew up in Hollywood, CA. At the age of five she knew she would be a writer. You can read or download her works right here in their entirety! Just click on the book jacket or hyperlink.       !blstar1.gif (1329 bytes)

The Acts of a Pagan Jew


Here is history – from the Crucifixion to the fall of Jerusalem – seen through the eyes of a young Jewish arena-cleaner who finds himself placed by Chance in the very womb of Christianity, at the very heart of Imperial Rome.

The Acts of a Pagan Jew Click this book jacket to download The Acts of a Pagan Jew as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file (1.7MB)


Not a kid's book! CROC: Love and Power Politics in Swamptown, YO, and KROH: The Greening of a Small Planet. Two novellas written in heroic doggerel and contained in one volume.

Kroh and Croc Click this book jacket to read excerpts and listen to the author read KROH and CROC!
The Rennläufer

E.P. Dutton;
Victor Gollancz (England);
Editions Plan
ète (France)

Nina's first published novel takes place in a ski resort in Austria

The Rennläufer The Rennläufer The Rennläufer
The Grape Vine

Victor Gollancz;
Sphere (England)

Wealthy Susan's apocalyptic ride through California with madman Charles Nicolo

The Grape Vine The Grape Vine
Monopoly on Terror
(pen name Bruce Buck)

Zebra Books

Detective-with-wings Chet flies from Paris to Beirut seeking missing society women

Monopoly on Terror
Eden Motel
To Love Flaminio

East Palace (Santa Fe)

Two slice-of-life (Nina's life) novels, one set in New Mexico, the other in an ashram in India

Eden Motel and To Love Flaminio                    !blstar4.gif (1362 bytes)
True Adventures,
Plaster Cats

Plaster cat poems for adults twelve and up. Read these outrageous poems or listen to them in RealAudio as read by the author!

True Adventures, Plaster Cats
The Real Moi
Ariel in France

A young adult novel

The Real Moi

Except for Kroh and Croc, the above publications are currently out of print, but can be found in many public and university libraries.

Galen’s aviation articles have appeared in Flying, Flying Magazine’s Guide For Instrument Flying, and Air Progress, as well as Pilot in England and Pilote Privé in France (click here to read some of them).  Her pilot ratings include Pilote Privé (French), Commercial, Multiengine, Instrument and Glider. 

Her Commentaries and Features have been produced on Public Radio (see the Audios page).

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