A plaster cat
Took off in a Boeing,
Buckled into seat 33F.
When the captain turned off
The seat belt sign,
It sat upon a tray table,
Looking down
From 33,000 feet.
Later, as the crew
Prepared for landing,
A stewardess came
Through the cabin
With a plastic trash bag.
Are you done with that cat?
She asked the passenger in 33E.
The lady glanced at the cat;
Yes I am, she said.
So the stewardess dropped
The plaster cat
Into the plastic bag
And it never got to see
Denver Airport.
Nor, for that matter,
Did the passenger;
For though she
Put up her tray table,
And returned her seat back
To its upright position,
Just before touchdown
The goddess of plaster cats
Scratched out her eyes.


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