The Cockroach Capers
two really neat stories for kids eight and up

by Nina Galen

illustrated by Miriam Eliachar 


The Secret of the Rain Forest

Feeling depressed because the whole world hates cockroaches, Coky Cockroach determines to find out whether cockroaches serve some purpose on earth.  He decides to seek his roots in the rain forests of Brazil, and as traveling companion takes along his human friend, 7-year-old Chameeka.  Their troubles begin when Coky gets Chameeka to steal a bag of money belonging to King 'Doc' Boss, to finance their trip.

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The Good, the Bad, and the Snuggly

When Denny, the spoiled son of a Wall Street billionaire, learns his father is going to prison for fraud and tax evasion and his parents are divorcing, he runs away from home followed by Carlotta, his fussy guardian cockroach.  Taking the bus, hiking in the woods, eating smoked oysters, carrot cake and soda and throwing his cans and bottles anywhere, Denny has several encounters with the real world which teach him that having a conscience is worth more than having a billion dollars.

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