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A collection of Nebraska Public Radio features & commentaries, home-made radio features, and interviews.



Nina's musical stage shows.


In the mob-infested state of YO, two deeply-in-love, star-crossed crocodiles run for the same U.S. senate seat on opposite tickets. Crocadolly, a Demodile, runs on an ecology platform, while Rockadial, innocent stooge of greedy old Crockafeller, runs against big government and Federal taxation, as a Repelican.

Not for the faint of heart, this amusing yarn can turn deadly and tragic faster than a speeding bullet, faster than a crocodile striking its prey.


In this satirical, irreverent, sci-fi take on the global economy, nineteen Americans including an Economist, a Navajo, a Real Estate Developer, a Rabbi, a Psychiatrist, a TV anchor Duck, and a General (see CONTENTS below for complete listing), travel to the planet Kroh to see if it's ripe for inter-global trade with Earth.

Some of the Earthlings harbor schemes to help them profit personally, without regard for the planet's ecology. Some are on quests of self-discovery. The native Krohtians are glad to see the visitors come, and glad to see them go.

True Adventures,
Plaster Cats
A collection of true plaster cat poems for adults twelve and up

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