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A collection of Nebraska Public Radio features & commentaries, home-made radio features, and interviews. These are all MP3 audio files - click on the links to download.

NPRN Commentaries - Jury Duty
NPRN Commentaries - Commercialization of Xmas
NPRN Commentaries - Learning to fish in NE

Early Radio Features - Internship in the NE State Patrol
Early Radio Features - Bill Clinton on MV

NPRN Features - Andre Watts Plays in Brownsville
NPRN Features - SAC Crawlthrough
NPRN Features - Costumes for Willa Cather Film
NPRN Features - NE gliding field - Flightland
NPRN Features - Lincoln Community Playhouse
NPRN Features - Snowgeese - Paul Johnsgard
NPRN Features - State Patrol dog training
NPRN Features - NE model plane club
NPRN Features - Raptor Recovery Center
NPRN Features - Sandhills golf course

Home Made Features - Public Radio syndrome
Home Made Features - Opening MV house

Interview with Lila, Nina's nanny growing up

Plane Talk 1 - KZUM radio, Lincoln
Plane Talk 2 - KZUM radio, Lincoln